Kamm- und Haarschmuck GmbH

As one of the leading suppliers for combs, bathroom-accessories, mirrors and hair-accessories RING with its in-house manufacturing is unique in this combination throughout Germany and Europe.

Thanks to the many years of manufacturing, we have developed an extensive Know- How especially in the production of combs and bathroom accessories.

As a traditional family company our greatest goal is to meet the environmental, ethical and qualitative requirements of our customers, that’s why as many of the processed materials as possible, are also made in Germany, or at least Europe.

To meet the high individual requirements of our customers, we have consistently expanded our portfolio with innovative products and so we can offer a wide range of different combs, mirrors , bathroom accessories , hair jewelry, brushes, bags and much more, today.

With our large selection of qualities, colours and shapes we can provide the right product in quality and colour whether for the private daily use or even highest professional needs.

On the following pages you will find an overview of our broad product range and the variety of services.


Our home manufacturing enables flexible colour and material configurations

Our Made in Germany goods are prepared in a cost and time efficient way

We are happy to temporarily storage your goods from blanked order

Broad range of products and competences from a single source

Most of our products and used materials are made in Germany

High flexibility and implementation of private labels

Individual stamping of combs possible

Of course our products are REACH compliant

We treat the environment responsibly for our consciences and future generations

We are delighted to provide personal advice