About Us

Our greatest goal is to meet the environmental, ethical and qualitative requirements of our customers. That is why we have been manufacturing the greatest part of our product range ourselves to this day. With our in-house manufacturing of combs, mirrors, bathroom accessories and some hair jewelry, our company is unique in this combination throughout Germany. Thanks to the many years of manufacturing, we have developed an extensive Know- How.

Our Values

The basis for our success is our long-term manufacturing experience. Thereby we are always remaining faithful to our origins and value quality, sustainability and tradition above profits alone. With this attitude, we have established ourselves on the global market and provide a wide product range, that meets the requirements of our end consumers as well as the very highest quality requirements of the hairdressing supplies.

Traditionally, our family business represents the following values:


Please understand that we cannot provide our goods for end consumers. In case you found products on our website that are especially appealing to you please do not hesitate to get in contact with our partners listed below.


Our home manufacturing enables flexible colour and material configurations

Our Made in Germany goods are prepared in a cost and time efficient way

We are happy to temporarily storage your goods from blanked order

Broad range of products and competences from a single source

Most of our products and used materials are made in Germany

High flexibility and implementation of private labels

Individual stamping of combs possible

Of course our products are REACH compliant

We treat the environment responsibly for our consciences and future generations

We are delighted to provide personal advice