Bathroom- Accessories

To meet the high requirements of our customers, we produce most of our bathroom accessories and mirrors by ourselves. Thereby we are able to ensure a great flexibility of colours and materials.

Today, we are the last German manufacturer in this sector so RING is your contact person for bathroom-accessories and mirrors made in Germany.

Especially popular are our bathroom accessories with matching mirrors, Kleenex- and cotton boxes. From classical, noble designs up to modern designs, RING bathroom accessories are available in various styles. Because we produce most products ourselves, we are able to realise fashionable trends even at short notice.

Regarding bathroom accessories from our home production range, the possibilities of creations and colours are nearly endless.

Bathroom Accessories: Liquid Wood

We are particularly proud of our liquid wood items that have been especially created for the demanding but also ecology- minde customer: The material is made out of the wood ingredient “-Lignin“ which is a waste product oft he paper production process. But lignin can’t be used for that. So this material is processed and refined. In this way, we create a completely resource-saving product that is recyclable but also long-term water-resistant.

As the sole manufacturer of bathroom accessories in liquid wood, we are especially interested in realising the individual wishes of our customers as well as possible.

With the RING liquid wood bathroom accessories, the modern wood trend can also be realised in the bathroom-and what is best is it’s absolutely environmentally friendly.


RING also offers different nailbrushes in various colours and shapes.

Bathroom-Accessories – Kids

Because for the little ones only the best is good enough, we manufacture as many of our bathroom accessories in Germany as possible. Our bathroom accessories for kids are created with cute animal motives. Thanks to our own production line, the items can be manufactured in every colour.

Bathroom and Wellness Accessories

RING offers a huge variety of different bath and wellness products such as wooden and plastic bathroom massage brushes, sauna brushes and sponges in many different shapes.