RING Brushes

Different hair types need different hair treatment products. With the best hair care for every hair type, RING offers a wide product range of selected brushes. From different wooden brushes, stylish plastic brushes, to hand bag brushes – we offer just the right brush for your private or professional needs.

Precious Brush Sets

Most of our brushes are created in modern sets. We offer round brushes for complicated styling, skeleton brushes or other brushes in different sizes, styles and designs.

Wooden Brushes

Wooden brushes are especially gentle to the hair and scalp, and are perfectly suitable for various requirements and types of hair. From larger brushes such as the paddle brush for medium to long hair, round brushes or handbag brushes with different ball tips, pins and bristles- our wooden brushes are available in diverse shapes and sizes to meet your various meets..

Round Brushes

Our round brushes are developed in various shapes and colours in order to meet the specific needs for different styling. That’s why we offer a wide variety of different diameters, pins, bristles and ball tips: to make sure that we have exactly the right brush for every requirement.

Special Brushes

Of course we also offer special brushes such as the detangle brush, various skeleton brushes or even brushes with integrated brush cleaners for the high demands of our customers. Apart from that we also offer the very popular massage-boy in different types and colours.

Handbag Brushes

RING offers a wide range of different handbag brushes in different types, colours and shapes- with or without a mirror to provide the perfect companion for on the move.