For long, medium or short hair: we offer a wide variety of different hair accessories to provide the perfect headturner for every hairstyle.

Our hairclips, ponytail holders, circlets , click-clacks and scrunchies in many different sizes and models complete the daily look and composite something special.

From linear designs, from timeless classicism up to modern, fashionable and lively colours: our hair-accessories will accentuate every type and style.

Hair-Accessories for Kids

What is most important about hair-accessories for kids is the high quality, but being convenient and simple to use is also essential.. And above all it has to be cute!

To meet the various high expectations from parents and kids, we provide many different hair accessories such as ponytail holders, click clacks, clips, hair circlets and scrunchies in many different colours and designs.

Ponytail Holders

Particularly popular: our ponytail holders with many different motives and colours- traditionally made in Germany