For our mirrors, we want the best quality. That’s the reason why our mirror glass is produced and processed in Germany.

This becomes absolutely evident in the quality of magnification. Because we make the products ourselves we are very flexible regarding to colour and magnification of the mirrors. The mirrors are available in different formats to the handle pockets, to hand mirrors and cosmetic mirrors.

Whether for private daily use or professional needs, we provide the right product in quality and colour for every requirement.

Shaving and Cosmetic Mirrors

Our shaving and cosmetic mirrors are available in various sizes, shapes and configurations- with metal or plastic pedastal or practical suction cup for wall assembly – we offer just the right mirror for every requirement. Most of our shaving and cosmetic mirrors are furnished double sided with mirror glass. Here, almost everything is possible, from single magnification to the maximum possible magnification.

Hand Mirrors

Our hand mirrors with a practical handle sitting perfectly in the hand are easy to use, wheth for daily, private use or for professional requirements such as hairdressers, , dentists and make-up-stylists.

To provide the perfect hand mirror for every need, we offer different magnifications, from single to double sided up to the maximum possible magnification.

With our large selection of colours and shapes, we can offer the perfect match for every requirement.

The perfect mirror is only complete with a practical hole in the ergonomic handle so that the mirror is also safe to storage.

Pocket Mirrors

Our pocket mirrors are available in various designs, sizes, shapes and colours. Thanks to their lightweight design, the mirrors are the perfect companion for every bag.

Particularly popular: our mirrors with colour matching bathroom accessories.