Environmental awareness, sense of responsibility and sustainability are the basis for the future-oriented and value-based development of our family-business. We also take on these values for our corporate management. In this sense, our economic activity is shaped by the sense of responsibility for our environment and our employees.

Responsibility for our Employees
Our employees are responsible for the company’s success. Therefore, we consider it our responsibility to promote and qualify our employees.
Mutual trust and loyalty characterise the daily dealings. That’s the reason why about 90 % of our staff members remain in our company until their retirement.

Responsibility for our Environment
In order to preserve the best possible resources for future generations, RING GmbH has also set itself the goal of minimizing negative environmental impacts as far as possible. Therefore many resources are sourced and processed locally. In this way the environmental impacts and also the costs resulting from global transport can be kept low.

For our RING-German quality items we preferably use renewable raw materials. Exemplary for this are our items made of liquid woods – a refined waste product from the paper-making process. Of course these items are biologically degradable and cause no additional waste, nevertheless highest quality standards are maintained.

Our Dedication
Regardless of our own high environmental standards, we use only 100 % vegan materials and only sell products that have not been tested on animals!! Instead, we support and promote animal welfare projects.